Tanapa Thai Dine-in Vegetarian Menu

Vegetarian/Vegan – We source(import) our curry concentrates from a Thai company that also produces other products such as prawns, fish sauce and shellfish and we cannot guarantee that there won’t be minute traces of those products in our curries


1 Vegetarian Spring Rolls(4) served with dipping sauce $12.50
2 Tofu Wedges Deep Fried (4) with a dipping sauce $12.50


3   Clear Soup  vegetables in a light soup $10.00
4   Tom Yum (mild, med, hot) Spicy sour soup with coriander Veg/Tofu $10.50
15   Basil Tofu (mild, med, hot)  Seasonal vegetables, garlic, chilli, Home made basil sauce and basil Veg/Tofu $18.50
16 Cashew Nuts Tofu(mild)  capsicum, spring onions, cashew nuts Veg/Tofu $23.75
17   Chilli Jam Tofu Stir fried with seasonal vegetables and home made chilli jam Veg/Tofu $23.75









Peanut Sauce Vegetables Stir-fried Tofu, seasonal vegetables topped

with peanut sauce.

Stir – Fry Ginger Stir fried ginger, mushrooms,
onions, and vegetables.


Chunky Stir Fried Egg Plant (mild, medium) -Nop’s
family recipe.Stir–fried crispy eggplant & Thai basil.


Steamed Vegetables










22   Red  Curry (mild, med, hot) Red curry, coconut milk, seasonal vegetables, kaffir lime leaves & Basil Veg/Tofu $20.80
23   Pad Thai Stir- fried rice noodles with egg, Pad Thai sauce, crushed peanuts, bean sprouts, spring onions/chives Veg/Tofu $18.60
24   Thai Laksa Hokkien noodles,spicy soup, coconut milk, bean sprouts, tofu, spring onions, crispy shallots & coriander Veg/Tofu $18.60
25   Pad See Ew (Kway Teow) Stir fried flat rice noodles, chicken/beef, sweet soy sauce, egg, seasonal vegetables Veg/Tofu $18.60
26   Drunken Noodles Stir-fried fresh flat rice noodles with, spicy sauce, seasonal vegetables & basil Veg/Tofu $18.60
27   Pad Mee Chicken/Beef Stir-fried Hokkien noodles, seasonal vegetables, egg, home made sauce Veg/Tofu $18.60
28   Thai  Fried  Rice   Thai style fried rice, coriander,Tofu $15.20
29   Spicy Thai Fried Rice Fried rice with spicy   sauce,     onions,   &   basil Veg/Tofu $15.20
30   Steamed Jasmine Rice                            Single Serve $3.20
31   Steamed Jasmine Rice                             Double Serve $5.30
32   Coconut Rice                                            Single Serve $6.00


  Brown Rice                                                Single Serve


43 Vegetables  Oyster   Sauce   Stir-fried seasonal vegetables with oyster sauce $18.90
Steamed vegetables
47   Vegetables Peanut sauce Stir fried  seasonal vegetables topped with peanut sauce $18.90
48   Chunky Stir Fried Egg Plant  – Stir–fried egg plant with  Thai basil $23.70