Our Head Chef Thawanrat Thitivimutkun

We hope that you will enjoy your dining experience with us as much as we enjoy preparing it for you. Our Head Chef Thawanrat Thitivimutkun (“Nop” to her friends) received her training at the world famous Oriental Hotel in Bangkok. Our authentic and traditional Thai cuisine will take you on a delightful journey through many parts of Thailand.

Many of the recipes for our dishes have been handed down through generations of Nop’s family, some have been derived from her days with the Oriental hotel, and just a few have found their way into our hands from the Thai Royal kitchens.

The Thai Festival and Cultural Association of South Australia Inc.

This year Tanapa Thai Restaurant sponsored the establishment of “The Thai Festival and Cultural Association of South Australia Inc.”
This organisation aims to keep Thai festivals and culture alive in South Australia. The management committee meets regularly in our restaurant and Thawanrat Thitivimutkun our executive chef, is also the chairperson of the organisation. Thus far they have arranged culturally appropriate ceremonies for the birthday of the new Thai King last month and on Friday this week the existing Thai Queen in conjunction with the local Buddist community. Plans are well under way to celebrate the “Loy Krathong” festival on a local waterway known as the Patawalonga lake. This will occur on 4th November and we have negotiated the assistance of the local council, the Glenelg Rotary club and the local Soroptomists.