Tanapa Thai Dine-in Vegetarian Menu

Vegetarian/Vegan – We source(import) our curry concentrates from a Thai company that also produces other products such as prawns, fish sauce and shellfish and we cannot guarantee that there won’t be minute traces of those products in our curries


41Vegetarian Spring Rolls(4) served with dipping sauce$12.00
42Tofu Wedges Deep Fried (4) with a dipping sauce$12.00


6 Clear Soup  vegetables in a light soup$10.00
7 Tom Yum (mild, med, hot) Spicy sour soup with corianderVeg/Tofu$10.00
15 Basil Tofu (mild, med, hot)  Seasonal vegetables, garlic, chilli, Home made basil sauce and basilVeg/Tofu$18.90
20Cashew Nuts Tofu(mild)  capsicum, spring onions, cashew nutsVeg/Tofu$18.90
23 Chilli Jam Tofu Stir fried with seasonal vegetables and home made chilli jamVeg/Tofu$21.90
24Ginger Tofu Stir fried  with   ginger,   mushrooms,   onions,   carrots, capsicum spring onions and soy sauceVeg/Tofu$21.90
25 Green Curry (mild, med, hot) Green   curry,   coconut   milk,   seasonal vegetables, kaffir lime leaves & BasilVeg/Tofu$18.90
26 Red  Curry (mild, med, hot) Red curry, coconut milk, seasonal vegetables, kaffir lime leaves & BasilVeg/Tofu$18.90
30 Pad Thai Stir- fried rice noodles with egg, Pad Thai sauce, crushed peanuts, bean sprouts, spring onions/chivesVeg/Tofu$17.90
31 Pad See Ew (Kway Teow) Stir fried flat rice noodles, chicken/beef, sweet soy sauce, egg, seasonal vegetablesVeg/Tofu$17.90
32 Drunken Noodles Stir-fried fresh flat rice noodles with, spicy sauce, seasonal vegetables & basilVeg/Tofu$17.90
33 Pad Mee Chicken/Beef Stir-fried Hokkien noodles, seasonal vegetables, egg, home made sauceVeg/Tofu$17.90
34 Thai Laksa Hokkien noodles,spicy soup, coconut milk, bean sprouts, tofu, spring onions, crispy shallots & corianderVeg/Tofu$17.90
35 Thai  Fried  Rice   Fried  riceVeg/Tofu$14.60
36 Spicy Thai Fried Rice Fried rice with spicy   sauce,     onions,   &   basilVeg/Tofu$15.20
37 Steamed Jasmine Rice                            Single Serve$3.20
38 Steamed Jasmine Rice                             Double Serve$5.30
39 Coconut Rice                                            Single Serve$6.00
40 Brown Rice                                                Single Serve$5.75
43Vegetables  Oyster   Sauce   Stir-fried seasonal vegetables with oyster sauce$18.90
Steamed vegetables
47 Vegetables Peanut sauce Stir fried  seasonal vegetables topped with peanut sauce$18.90
48 Chunky Stir Fried Egg Plant  – Stir–fried egg plant with  Thai basil$23.70